A tradition in a culture is integral to the myth or legend that accompanies the tradition. The ancestors inherited this tradition from generation to generation so that it becomes a ritual that in a culture. It is the same as occurred in the island of Lombok who also has become an annual ritual festival that is motivated by the legend. Bau Festival is a festival regular Nyale Lombok Island community.


The festival is held right on the 16 point South Central Lombok beach that extends as far as tens of kilometers from the east to west as in Kaliantan Beach, Kuta Beach or Beach Selong Belanak. But usually Seger Beach in Kuta village, Central Lombok District Pujut usually the site of an annual festival ini.Festival Nyale smell is a festival based on a legend.


Nyale itself comes from the name of a type of marine worm that used to live on the seabed or rock holes. According to local stories Nyale is the incarnation of Mandalika.Putri Mandalika own hair daughter is a princess on the island of Lombok. Many apparently mesmerizing beauty of Lombok Island prince so many who approached her proposal. Because it confused, the princess decided to throw themselves into the South Coast. After the incident, every year comes the Nyale is believed to be the incarnation of hair daughter Mandalika.Festival Nyale smell is basically a ritual of catching sea worms usually come out in the Kuta beach area in certain months. Worms in green, brown, orange to red will come out at midnight until morning when coast began surut. Cacing that captured this, the residents will be consumed cooked and eaten together. According to experts, Nyale or worms are captured very good to eat because it is rich in the core of the Festival celebrations protein.


Sebelum Nyale smell begins, usually held several arts and traditional events such as betandak (unrequited rhyme), bejambik (giving gift to a lover) and Belancaran (excursion boat). Not forgetting also performed the play of the story of Princess Mandalika.Festival Nyale smell does attract a lot of people.


Not only the island of Lombok, but also visitors who want to see the uniqueness of this festival. Not only that, visitors can also participate directly by capturing Nyale at the festival. The festival is also a means of togetherness among the people of Lombok and visitors alike. As one of the wealth of art and culture of Indonesia, Bau Nyale Festival is a pride for the people of the island of Lombok.