Medana Resort is ideally located to visit:
  • Gili Islands ( 5 min. to Bangsal Harbour, or 15 min by our Resort's boat from Medana to Gili Air, etc. )
  • Waterfalls in the mountain range ( 1 hour ) and
  • Over Pusuk Pass / monkey forest ( 20 min ), to Mataram ( 45 min ).
  • Sierra Beach Golf Course ( 8 min )
  • The costal road from Medana to Senggigi ( 40 min. ) offers one of the most scenic tours in Indonesia.
Lombok MapsMedana Resort - Map LocationFrom Medana Resort you can see Mount Rinjani ( 3750 m ) in the East and to the West the Gili Islands with Mount Agung on Bali ( 3142 m ).

On Medana Peninsula the beaches are of white coral sand and snorkeling is excellent.

Here you can still enjoy walking along lonely beaches. No beach vendors, no cars on a nearby highway. Only local fishermen and the splashing of the waves.

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